Should Christians Do Yoga?


When creating this blog, it was in planning to have a yoga section. It was an attempt to document my spiritual journey through the practise of Yoga. Now, 7 months later, I am closer to God. And I haven’t hit the mat in almost a year.

In search of a new workout routine, and with old memories revisiting my mind, I thought it necessary to research practising yoga as a Christian.  Can Christians do yoga? The absolute answer is”no,” some blogs will say “maybe,” or “go for it.”

Before I delve deeper into this topic, I want to specify some parameters. Yoga, to me, is a spiritual practise. It has to be. True yoga requires meditation, the mind being calmed (and in some cases, turned off). This post is not addressing your westernized Power Yoga trips that are hosted at a local gym to generate sweat. This post challenges Christians who think it wise to practise real, raw, spiritual yoga.

Even so, if those power yoga classes have any traditional yoga posses in them, it could be argued that attendees are honoring a different god other than our great God.

The biggest argument going against yoga for Christians is that very fact that we would be breaking the most important commandment:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”(Matthew 22: 37). Scripture reveals the answer (yet again). Yoga cannot be done by a Christian. Why? Because the poses are not showing love to our heavenly Father. Allow me some words to elaborate:

As written by Laura Bagby, yoga poses were made to worship several other different gods; yoga poses were not created to worship the true God. By doing traditional yoga poses, a yogi is essentially praying.

Some writers argue that telling a Christian to not do yoga is “ignoring history and the transformational power of Christ.” This logic is faulty and dangerous. Venturing into territory where a Christian has to perform worshiping “moves” to another god, and coining it as transformational goes against the very scriptures written by God. God does not want to transform other religions; God wants us to avoid worshiping other gods. It is written in plain English. We are to be God’s messengers–true–but we are not to perform acts of worship to another god to spread our great God’s message.

True spiritual yoga is a threat to our faith. It does displease our Heavenly Father. My advice is simple: avoid doing yoga at all costs.



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